Oeufs Mollets (6 Minute Boiled Eggs)

I admit, sometimes I get too cocky when I cook. I thought, “Oeufs Mollets, the 6 minute boiled egg? How hard could that be?” Well I had to do this recipe twice to get it. Yep, I can ruin probably the simplest recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Oeufs Mollets, the substitute for poached eggs.


Preparation and Cooking
1) Fill a container full of water that will be big enough to boil the number of eggs you want to make. I always like to use a large dutch oven to make sure I have plenty of room.
2) Turn the range on high to let it boil.
3) When it comes to a boil, gently place the eggs into the pan. This is where I screwed up. The first time, I just kind of dropped them in the pan which caused them to break of course so I just made some hard boiled eggs after that.

The second time, I took my ladle and gently placed them in the boiling water.

Oeuf Mollet #1

4) Julia says to boil large eggs for 6 minutes but add a minute if they are chilled (which mine were), so I kept them in the boiling water for 7 minutes.

5) Then I took them out with the same ladle and put them under cold water to cool then peel.

Oeuf Mollet #2

6) This was the moment of truth. Did I do it right? Were they “set white and a soft yolk?”

Oeuf Mollet #3

Well, I think they were more soft than hard. These are great in noodles by the way. I guess not a very French use of them, but true.

Love, Ana

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Oeufs Mollets (Six-minuted Boiled Eggs)
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