Penelope’s Story Part 12 & Meatloaf

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“Boom!” Lulu stood up from her stool. Her hops tea was just about ready.

“We’re under attack!” she heard someone yell.

“Boom boom!” A few seconds later, Lulu felt the ship shutter.

“Damn!” she heard another voice. “It’s another pirate ship! They’ve come to claim our prize! We have to kill her now!” Lulu moved to the other side of the galley.

“Boom boom boom!” The door to the galley opened. A pirate walked in with a bowie knife in his hand.

Their eyes met then the ship shook even harder. Lulu’s hops tea tipped over. She heard a scream but Lulu had already started to run. The stairs to deck were just in the next room.

She was half way up the stairs when she felt someone grab her skirt. “Where do you think you’re going?” asked a man’s voice. Lulu struggled to move, then she heard her skirt rip. She struggled even harder.

“Boom!” A few seconds later, the ship shuttered again. As Lulu held onto the stair bannister for dear life, she felt the back of her skirt rip away. She ran up the rest of the stairs.

The ship’s deck was chaos. Lulu saw crew members pinned from under chunks of the mast, blown away by cannon fire. The other pirates paid no heed to her, more occupied with the pirates from the other ship who had jumped on board. Not wanting to be captured again, Lulu dove into the water.

She shivered from the cold, then struggled to get the rest of her skirt off. She tried to get her bearings but saw no land nearby. Chunks of the ship floated by her. She found a larger piece of wood and climbed on top. Using both her hands and feet, she laid down on the wood and swam away from the shipwreck.

She tried to steer away from the invading ship when she heard a voice. “Lulu?”

Lulu looked up and saw Shirley on the deck. “Shirley?” she asked. “Are you captured too?”

“No, no,” replied Shirley. “Come on board. This is my sister’s ship. We’re on our way to rescue your sister. She’s been captured. We thought this was the ship.”

“Oh alright,” replied Lulu.

When she climbed on deck, Shirley wrapped Lulu in a blanket. “So this is the famous Lulu,” said a woman’s voice from behind her.

Lulu turned around. She saw Captain Will cleaning her sword. “Thank you for rescuing me,” replied Lulu. “What can I do to help?”

“A woman who wastes no time, I like that,” replied Captain Will. “We need you to cook. Penelope said you were the cook in the family though I thought she was great. Shirley’s a great cook but she’s even better at operating cannons. Great food is what keeps my crew in line and focused. If you can cook a great meal, we will find your sister.”

“Sure,” replied Lulu. She turned to Shirley. “What have you got?” she asked.

“We have a lot of hamburger meat and ketchup,” Shirley replied.

“Great!” replied Lulu. “I’ll make meatloaf.”

Here is a link to Lulu’s meatloaf recipe.

Meatloaf Murder #2

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