Penelope’s Story Part 14

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“They started the annual Continental/Islander bake-off today,” said Shirley. “Penelope is one of the contestants but the Islander competitor wears a disguise.”

“A disguise?” replied Lulu. “Let me see.”

Lulu looked at the television screen and saw her sister with a look of grim determination on her face. The other contestant looked more like a soldier, with stiff, precise movements, wearing a hat and dark glasses.

“That’s ridiculous!” Shirley exclaimed. “They’re only showing Penelope baking.”

Lulu looked carefully at the screen. “I think she is the only one baking. Look at the hands. She’s baking both cakes at the same time.”

Lulu ran up to the ship’s deck. “Captain Will, they started the bake off on Capitol Island already. How much time would it take to get there?”

“It will take a few hours. We lost the wind,” replied Captain Will.


Penelope clenched her teeth as she beat the egg whites into stiff peaks on her cake. The Islander’s cake was already in the oven.

“Okay, cut! You can go to commercial,” said King Lee. “I need to talk to Penelope so everybody leave the stage.” He approached Penelope.

“You should enjoy these moments, my dear,” he said. “After the baking contest is over and you’ve lost, I’m going to murder you right here on stage.”

“Oh this is ridiculous!” replied Penelope. “You’re not going to kill me. No one’s killed anyone on purpose for hundreds of years. What happened to the chancellor? He started playing with one of the guard’s spears and accidentally speared himself?”

“Yes,” replied King Lee shamefacedly. “But you can’t tell anyone. Now my staff really do believe the threats I give!”

Penelope poured her cake mix into the pan then placed it in the oven. “I’ll make you a deal. I will not tell everyone you’re a fraud, this bake-off is a fraud, and announce my retirement. In return, you will stop manufacturing weapons, stop this ridiculous war business, and let me go home!”

“What about your sister?” asked King Lee. “Will she agree to retire?”

“I can’t speak for her,” replied Penelope. “Think about what I said. I have to get back to baking.”

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