Penelope’s Story Part 9 and Baked Potatoes

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“Please, I beg you. If you won’t help me find my sister, at least let me go,” Penelope pleaded.

“There’s a reward out there issued by King Lee to capture you and your sister and kill you both,” replied Captain Will. “Your sister may already be dead.”

“What!?” replied Penelope. “Why?”

“It seems our king wants to go to war. He wants to rule both the Islanders and the Continentals,” replied Captain Will.

“How do you know this?” asked Penelope.

“It’s no secret on the Islands. King Lee’s been overtaxing us for years to manufacture and stockpile weapons. It’s why I and many other Islanders became pirates.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Penelope began. “I appreciate that you haven’t killed me yet, but why haven’t you killed me yet?”

“King Michael has my sister Shirley. I need you to get her out for me,” replied Captain Will.

“And then?” Penelope asked.

“I wasn’t lying to you about the cook job. A good cook is worth more than the reward King Lee is offering. Good food equals happy pirates. The job is yours if you want it,” replied Captain Will.

“My sister cooks way better than I do,” replied Penelope. “If you find her, your crew will be in food heaven. She can make anything taste delicious.”

“We’ll see,” replied Captain Will.

Penelope left to check on her potatoes, one of the only other recipes she knew how to cook. She and Lulu used to bake potatoes in one of the ovens they hijacked for the night as kids. Here is a link to the recipe.

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