Photography for a 2 Year Old

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When I started Ori’s Alphabet Project, I thought it would be easy – just take pictures of things that start with a certain letter. As I muddle my way through the alphabet, it has become so much more than that. Photography for a 2 year old audience must be simple, something understandable at that age and most importantly, fun.

When I take an alphabet photograph, I don’t just think of something that starts with a certain letter, I have to think of something Ori understands. Since Ori lives across the country, I first used things I saw him interacting with during my brief visit with him, like food.

G is for grape

I also learned if I don’t make it simple, it just doesn’t work. One of the toughest letters so far has been “F.” I tried several different words that just didn’t work. I was at my wits end when I spied a football at a local thrift store.

f is for football

Though I love the photo, football is actually just “ball” to Ori. It was just too complicated. It became a learning word for both me and Ori.

Overall, I get good reports from Ori’s parents. Nothing has beat the letter “D.” I think I see why.

D is for dog

So far, Ori’s alphabet project has been fun and challenging. As Ori and I travel through the alphabet, I notice myself trying harder and harder to make sure I keep the photographs, understandable, simple and fun – photography for a 2 year old.

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