Photography – I Can’t Live Without It?

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A funny thing happened to me this week that I wanted to share. Taking photographs or working on photographs I’ve taken makes me happy and cancels out all bad feelings. It negates all the petty worries and distractions that constantly occupy my mind. Perhaps this is the key to getting rid of my hubris. Perhaps I can’t live without photography.

On Monday, I walked into Tanner Springs Park and almost ran into this spider, busily traveling through the park.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I had a few other good photos but I didn’t post any. I was too distracted by something unrelated and my other constant, petty worries that I’m really trying to eliminate. For the rest of the week, a low level of negativity continued to hum through my mind. That is until I worked on this photo:

Afternoon Delight

Then all the petty worries and distractions were gone.

I think I need photography. I think I need to create. The same thing happens when I don’t cook for awhile. It’s this compulsion to create and it’s almost not a choice. I have to create in some form or medium or I’m just miserable and I let all the world distract me. I’d be interested to learn about your compulsions too. I think this goes beyond rationale choice, almost like the rationale side gets in the way. Maybe it’s instinct or maybe it’s just our souls speaking to us. I’d be interested in your thoughts. Have a great week!

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