Rice for Korean Dishes

My family has a history with rice, on the Korean side.  My great grandfather owned rice paddy fields in Korea.  If I could pick his brain now, he would be no help!  He spent all his time studying and wouldn’t even help in emergencies which vexed my great grandmother to no end.  Thank goodness I had my mother to teach me a few things.  Here is my secret to great tasting Korean rice dishes!

Rice to me is all about texture.  To get great texture for Korean rice dishes, I use two types of rice, the medium grain Calrose rice and a short grain sweet rice.  I mix one part calrose rice for one part sweet rice.  The short grain rice is the whiter rice in this picture. Calrose rice is more translucent.

Uncooked Rice

Where to Buy

I have found Calrose rice at regular grocery stores.  I have found the sweet rice at any number of Asian markets, not just Korean grocery stores.

How to Store Rice

You will need some kind of container to store your rice mixture.  People used to tell me horror stories of bugs and mice getting into their uncooked rice.  I always use airtight, snap lock containers to store my rice and I’ve never had a problem.

Tips for Cooking Rice in a Rice Cooker

I’ve always cooked rice in a rice cooker.  I don’t have the patience to try to cook rice in a pot but kudos to those who do!  Here are a few tips for cooking in a rice cooker.

  • One cup is enough to feed a few people.  Two cups is enough to feed a family.  Three cups is enough to feed an army.
  • After washing the rice in the bowl, dry the bottom of the bowl before putting it in the rice cooker or the bottom may burn.
  • After the rice is done, mix it up a little and let sit for five minutes before serving, the rice will taste better. I didn’t believe it either, but that’s what my mom told me and it’s true!

Cooked Rice

Have a great week everyone!



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