Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge + Tom + Ana + Stormtrooper

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Last week, Tom and I visited Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Tom wanted to test his new camera. I wanted to see if I could get some bird shots for my lifetime bird list. I dragged the Stormtrooper along too, because well, I take him pretty much everywhere. This a tale of our adventure.

entering Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Sun shined down on our faces while bitter winds chilled the rest of our bodies. “Why do I need to see this?” asked the Stormtrooper grumpily. I didn’t want to hear his whining so I stuffed him back into my pocket. I could hear his soft snores in my goosedown vest.

Meanwhile Tom fiddled with his camera, trying to get the feel of his Nikon 7100. We walked about a half mile before I saw any birds.

American Robin

Just an American Robin but I wanted to try something because I wanted to take more than just a portrait. Here, the Robin is looking at me, wondering what I’m doing, so I’m happy, not just because it’s not a picture you see everyday, but because I’m interacting with the Robin too. It just makes me feel good.

The Stormtrooper climbed out of my pocket and said, to me, “Whew, walking half a mile made me sweat!”

walking half a mile

I looked at him and said, “What are you talking about? You were in my pocket almost the whole time.”

“Uh yeah,” replied the Stormtrooper. “The goosedown made me sweat. I had to get out of there!”

As the morning continued, we saw more and more people. The Stormtrooper entertained me with stories of his Grandfather who was stationed at one time on the second Death Star.

“Yeah, no one wanted Emperor duty. He stank,” said the Stormtrooper. “I guess the Emperor ate a lot of beans.”

I laughed so hard, I almost missed the beautiful light coming through some forest flowers.

Forest Flowers

And the light coming through the trees as Tom walked ahead of us.

In the Forest

When we reached the end, the Stormtrooper wanted to make one last stop near a little brook.

last stop Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

“You know,” he said. “This isn’t too bad going on little adventures with you and Tom. I’d like to do it again.”

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