Southwest Washington Humane Society 5K – the Conclusion

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All photos except for the cover photo were taken by Tom or Sophia.

Chill winds blew as Sophia, Tom, Jack, Hannah, and I walked around Esther Short Park in Vancouver, Washington, waiting for the Southwest Washington Humane Society 5K race to begin. Despite the cold, Sophia, Hannah and Tom took a Pre-Race Picture. As you can see Hannah wasn’t too excited about it.

Humane Society 5K Pre-Race Photo by Tom

But I was! It was so cool that my sister, Sophia, drove four hours to come and support Hannah and I on our first 5K! I was proud of both Jack and Hannah too for not getting into any fights with other dogs and handling themselves like the perfect lady and gentleman I never knew they could be.

Still, I had butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know how well Hannah would do in close quarters with other dogs. Running around the neighborhood is one thing, but an actual event had some many other variables. Here is my nervous face:

Ana Pre-Race 5K by Tom

Of course, Sophia, a seasoned runner, looked calm, cool, and collected.

Sophia Pre-Race 5K by Tom

All of a sudden it was time to race and we were off! After we crossed a main street, the race became a mad house. Dogs tangled themselves on their leashes in excitement and we avoided about six dogs going to the bathroom all at once. Hannah and I ran at a fast pace for the first mile, which probably wasn’t a good idea because we had to walk a lot more later but I think we both felt good Forest Gumping it.

Some people were super rude and didn’t pick up their dog poop. However, one polite, little girl let everyone know not to step in a wide circle of poop in the middle of the road.

We walked up and down a hill to Fort Vancouver. Tom and I visited Fort Vancouver a few years ago and it hadn’t changed much. You can see Mount Hood from the vast plain:

Mt. Hood from Fort Vancouver

At the half way mark, we all had some water and walked/ran at a slower pace back to the finish line. Hannah and I got in a few more sprints. Sophia and I got to chat and it made me realize how much I missed my sister. Then it was time for the post-race selfie.

Post-Race Selfie by Sophia

Hannah and I were exhausted but happy. We did it! We ran/walked a 5K! Sophia said she would do it with us again next year and I hope she does.

Walk to Run Another Day by Tom

Love, Ana

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