Spiny Chayote Squash Banchan

I used to do this photo series called Strange Fruit. I’m ashamed to say that sometimes I didn’t even try the fruit, much less do something with it. Well, that had to change. I decided food should be an adventure, especially strange foods. The other day, I saw a strange vegetable at the grocery store and decided this was my chance! Here is my Spiny Chayote Squash banchan recipe.

Spiny Chayote Squash

Ouch! Yes it hurts to handle them because I just had to check. I warned the checkout employees because the spines poked through the plastic produce bag. No need for more booboos.

I handled the squash with tongs when I came home. The outer layer is tough so make sure your knife is sharp!

Spiny Chayote Squash 2

Yep, the inside looks like green squash.

I looked up on the internet how to get the spines off (run under cold water then scrub off the spines with a brush), but it didn’t work so I just cut it up until I only had the flesh and then had to pick out the seed in the middle. It was really a pain and I was paranoid about the spines and what would happen if I ingested any of them. I stopped, took a deep breath and then plunged ahead, making sure to scrupulously clean any surfaces before I prepared the Spiny Chayote Squash banchan. Here is the recipe!

Total Time: 30 minutes

2 Spiny Chayote Squash
3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon ground ginger

Preparation and Cooking
1) With a sharp knife, cut off the spiny skin. There is a seed in the middle as well so that will need to be removed as well. Dice the squash.
2) Take a wok and coat with olive oil.
3) Place the diced squash in the wok,
4) Peel and dice three cloves of garlic or use a garlic press (like I do) and add to the wok.
5) Add the ground ginger.
6) Saute the squash for about 15 minutes. It will not get soft (at least mine didn’t).
7) Enjoy!

Spiny Chayote Squash Banchan

Honestly, Spiny Chayote Squash is quite bland but mixed with the garlic and ginger, it tasted pretty good. At least Tom and Zach liked it. There is a Chayote Squash without spines which I think I will try though I am happy I experimented with this vegetable! At last, I finally made food an adventure!

Have a great weekend! Love, Ana

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