Step 1 – What Do I Want to Say?

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I’ve been reading Story by Robert McKee as part of my studies in storytelling. It’s a great book and taught me so much about storytelling, I’ll probably have to read it quite a few times to absorb it all. What I realized the other day after reading the book is that the first step is – what do I want to say?

Awhile back, I beat myself up over my lack of storytelling in my photos. I deleted the post because I couldn’t stand to see myself whining. However, I think now I see a path forward, a process. What do I want to say with my photography?

In My Mother's Garden

Here, I just wanted to show a tiny world, almost invisible to the naked eye. This spider spanned less than an inch long. I like to share things I see that I find beautiful or interesting.

Rainy Day Find

This is another example of sharing what others may miss. I took this photo right outside work. Later, I showed it to my fellow co-workers. They were amazed. I wanted to say, see, here is what you missed!

The same thing goes for my writing or poetry or anything else I create. I reread my skydiving story. Though parts of it read well, I realized it didn’t say what I wanted it to say. Because that day changed me, and that didn’t come through with the story I wrote. Rewrite!

I feel good about discovering this process. The path to creating great works of art seems less mysterious and more doable. It’s going to take all my creativity and imagination to learn to say what I want to say well but I’m up to the challenge.

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