Super Ana! No. 1

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Okay, I admit right at the start that I don’t draw well but I want to, so I came up with a plan to start. I created Super Ana! I apologize in advance for the less than stellar cartooning but I’m having fun with this.

Super Ana

Super Ana! A real life superhero who uses her charm, beauty, cooking, baking, storytelling and photography skills to make the universe a cleaner, healthier, happier place through L.I.F.E.
Fun and

We find our hero on a Monday morning, working on her laptop…

Monday Writer's Block

“I don’t understand! I’ve been working for hours but nothing seems to be getting done!” A slight breeze blows across her face.

Super Ana feels a breeze

“Aha! It’s an Inertia Cloud! Evil sky imps that roam the skies, making it impossible for people to get anything accomplished, especially on Mondays.”

An Evil Inertia Cloud

She looked up.
“I see you evil sky demon! Prepare to die!”

Super Ana gets ready to fight the evil Inertia Cloud

“You have to reach me first!” replied the Inertia Cloud.

The Inertia Cloud fights back.

“You might as well give up Super Ana!” laughed the Inertia Cloud. “Your athletic skills are only at Level 0. I am a Level 1 demon!”

“Ha! I just finished doing weights! I just reached Level 1 Athletics. So take that!”


And that!



“Ow ow! I give up! Your ping was just too strong for me! I’ll leave!”

Goodbye Evil Inertia Cloud!

Ana vanquished the evil Inertia Cloud but who will challenge her next? Stay tuned for the next episode of Super Ana!

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