The Case of the Terrible Cherry Blossom Photos

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Oh I’m so happy! I finally cracked the case of the terrible cherry blossom photos! The answer was simple of course, because it is the answer to everything – love. I didn’t love cherry blossoms so of course I took terrible photos. However, on Tuesday I had a breakthrough. I saw through a different lens. I finally found cherry blossoms I loved and what a difference it makes!

Okay, I have to show you the before picture first:

Cherry Blossom

Kind of blah, no magic. The picture I took for instagram of the stormtrooper with the cherry blossom was better.

smelling cherry blossoms

Now for the love…


and more love…

One Bloom

I figured out something about myself too. I love the cherry blossom photos because they’re isolated and alone. When I see flowers in groups, I just can’t see the photo. I think it kind of reflects how I am as a person. I’m okay one on one with people but in groups, not so good. I guess it’s good that I want to be a creative person and not a public relations expert.

Well, that ought to teach me. I won’t take any more photos unless I take them with love, especially cherry blossoms.

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