The Dark Side

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I think you know a person like this, but there’s a person at my work who is always saying bad things about people. You can kind of hear what the person is saying because the person whispers loudly. And every time I go by that person I want to say, “Luke, don’t give in to hate, that leads to the dark side of the force.”

But what about my dark side? In real life, I don’t want to have a dark side but it rears its ugly head anyways and usually in terrible explosions. Sometimes I don’t even want to watch tv shows or movies when I know something bad will happen. I want it all to be happily ever after right now and all the time.

tranquility by ana penelope dunwoody

I know stories don’t work that way, neither does life. To have a good story, you need conflict which is probably why I was such a terrible story teller for so long because I hated conflict. Lately my life seems to be full of the dark side but I don’t want to explode again so I decided to channel it into my creativity.

Red and White

Maybe I’ll make up some villains too. Seems better than blowing up on the people around me.


Love, Ana

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