The Second Year in Pictures

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Sometime between April and now, I passed my second year of photography. I feel like it’s been more like ten years, I’ve learned so much! Here is my second year in pictures. Enjoy!

A picture from my Tiny Truck series. I gave this truck to my nephew, Ori, who loves it because the hood opens just in case he has to make repairs.

Heading to Greener Pastures

One of the many photos I took during our trip to see my niece, Katie, graduate. Deception Pass gets very busy during the day, I recommend visiting early if you are going to go.

Flower, Deception Pass, Washington

One of my favorite macros, taken at Tanner Springs Park during my lunch hour.

Upside Down

A favorite photo from my counting book.

8 radishes

A Buddha’s Hand, one from my Strange Fruit series.

Buddha's Hand

My first Explore.

Rain Drops on Pine Needles

A Double Crested Cormorant sits on a piling in the Willamette River, part of my Lifetime Bird List.

Double Crested Cormorant

The best photo from my Stormtrooper series.


A recent food photo, my new love.

Pancakes for Dinner

I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey. You all have been so wonderful! Off to even better things in Year 3!

Love, Ana

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