Today, January 3, 2017

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I was saddened today to hear about the loss of a friend’s dog over the weekend. As soon as I got home, I tried to put all my love into my dogs, just feeling lucky that I have them.

Jack just waking up

Above is a photo I took of Jack, when I woke him up just as I was going to bed when I worked the night shift. I always feel blessed that he is happy to see me when I come home.

Today is Julia’s Soupe a L’Oignon (French Onion Soup) day. When I manage to make it over the weekend I will post it on the blog. It’s “Yumbotron” as my brother-in-law likes to put it.

I started a new diet the other day, the “Gut Revolution” diet. I gained about 15 pounds when I started working at my current job so I have to get that weight off at least. So far, it’s been okay but I was sick last night and I think it was my body trying to adjust to eating differently.

Jack is walking in circles though the kitchen, into the living room, then the dining room, then the kitchen again. He’s hoping I’ll give him something to eat. I just gave him a piece of luncheon meat but it’s never enough for him.

I need to work on endings. I’m terrible at endings.

Love, Ana

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