Up in the Air – My Skydiving Story Part 1

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A little more than 10 years ago, I skydived. I just met Tom and I had another semi-boyfriend who told me his life long dream was to skydive so I said, “Let’s do it!” Ever since that day, I’ve been trying to write a story about skydiving but with no success. Believe it or not, they have all been boring which didn’t make sense to me because it was a pretty crazy day. I really wanted to share the story so I’m trying again. This time, I’m writing in my own voice instead of making up some fictional character. So here it goes.

I looked at the sky as the early morning sun rose above the airplane hangars. I did not drink enough coffee that morning but my heart raced with excitement to go skydiving. It wasn’t something I wanted to do my whole life or something I wanted to cross off my bucket list. It was a whim, a fancy, and something I never even considered doing before a few days ago when my semi-boyfriend and I made plans to do it. I waited for a few minutes for him to show, then gave up and walked towards the largest hangar.

It was early morning so there were few people in the hangar. I walked up to the reception desk to register. “I’m here for the static line jump,” I said. I immediately got the stink eye from the receptionist – a tall, blond, gorgeous, but older woman who towered over my five foot frame. I think it was more of a challenge than anything. Because unlike the tandem jump where someone is strapped with a seasoned skydiver, a static line jump requires an individual with no experience to jump out of an airplane alone. It takes more moxy, as my dad would say. I guess I looked like I didn’t have any.

There were two other woman who were also doing the static line jump and they couldn’t have been more different. Jennifer was tall, gangly, and covered in tattoos. Martha was short, plump, and wore a polo shirt with buttons buttoned to the very top. They were drinking buddies. It was Martha’s birthday and this is what she wanted to do.

After introducing ourselves, our instructor marched us up to a cramped loft for lectures and an open book test. This was our textbook.

Parachuting Manual

After a short break, it was off to the plane for some practical instruction. I will end the story here for now but will give you a little teaser – I fail part of the practical exam! Until next time.

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