Visiting My Parents

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A few weeks back, Tom, Zach and I traveled to Lakewood, Washington to visit my mom and stepdad. My mom and stepdad are pretty awesome people. Sometimes I feel guilty about not visiting them more often, but I do enjoy it when I do.

mom as a teenager

This is my mom as a teenager. She grew up in Masan, South Korea, during the Korean war. She met my dad while he was stationed in Korea, years later. My dad thought she was so beautiful, he asked her to marry him on their first date.

Jeff and Mount Rainier

This is my stepdad. He loves photography too. We took a trip to Mount Rainier a few years back. He lugged two DSLRs and a heavy tripod and got some great photos. It’s so easy to hangout with him because he’s so mellow and laid back.

Portrait of a Cat

This is their “adopted” cat. My mom won’t allow animals in the house, so it hangs out on the back porch. It actually belongs to the neighbor who told her that the cat had cancer. As you can see, it seems fine now. They just fed it good food and the cat got healthy. By the way, my mom and stepdad are miracle workers, and it’s not just the cat.

See, they care and they love, that’s how they work miracles. My mom belongs to the Legion of Mary. As part of her membership, my stepdad and my mom go and visit nursing homes; not the nice ones either, the institution kind. They visit people, give them communion if they want it. If the person doesn’t have diabetes, they bring them sweets. Sometimes, they just wash their faces.

That’s how they started with one nursing home resident. Let’s call her Sung, because I can’t remember her name. When my mom and stepdad first met Sung, she shook her head constantly, could talk, couldn’t feed herself or pretty much do anything for herself. My parents saw her, took a cold cloth, and washed her face.

Through their weekly care and ministrations, Sung improved rapidly. She stopped shaking her head. She started talking. She could walk. She acted normal. My parents improved her quality of living greatly before she eventually died. It was no miracle cure, it was care and love.

I may not see them often, but I cherish my visits to my parent’s house. They remain a good role model for me to care and love. Have a great week!

Love, Ana

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