Why I Love Star Trek

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This New Year I once again subjected Tom to watching old episodes of Star Trek, The Next Generation. I do that a lot. I love Star Trek. When I see all the terrible things humans beings can do to each other, I think about Star Trek because to me it represents what human beings can aspire to and become.

No hunger, no poverty, and people can choose to do whatever they want to do. Sure humans in the twenty-fourth century still fight with the Farenghi and the Romulans, but between ourselves we’re square. And the best thing is we fly starships, play in holodecks and transport to and from places through shimmery beams of light!

I think what sums it best is the episode where Data rescues three Americans from the 1990s from cryogenic chambers. One, an American housewife, and the second, a ne’er do well posed no problems for the Enterprise crew. The third, a rich businessman couldn’t understand the concept of no material wants or needs. He asked Captain Picard, “What do I do now?”

Captain Picard answered, “The point is to improve oneself.”

I think that’s what I’ll do in 2015. I’ll work to improve myself. Maybe one day I’ll get to fly around in spaceships too.

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