Wood Cooking Utensils – a Buying Guide

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Awhile back I decided against nylon and silicone utensils, the only other option for me is wood. Metal utensils would scrape my nonstick wok and is not recommended for my metal pans either.

Over a year ago, I bought wooden utensils to replace my nylon ones. I chose a different manufacturer for each utensil and I thought it was time to write a review. I realize I could have gone to any discount store and bought a set of wooden utensils for less than $5 but then I would have run into almost the same problem as with the nylon and silicone utensils. I wouldn’t know where the wood came from and what they coated the wood with to protect it. The safer thing to do would be to spend a little more and buy handcrafted wooden utensils.

I have been very happy with this Epicurean wooden spoon I bought awhile back to replace some old wooden spoons that got moldy when someone placed them in the dishwasher. It cost me less than $10. You can buy it at Amazon or I happen to find it at my local Ace Hardware store. It’s a great stirring spoon that I mostly use for melting chocolate, stirring soups, or making macaroni and cheese.

Fun with Macaroni

Epicurean manufactures their products in the USA, using sustainable wood, and coats the spoons with a food safe resin to seal the wood.

New Hampshire Bowl and Board

I bought a wooden spatula from this manufacturer. New Hampshire Bowl and Board used cherry wood to create the spatula and deep soaked the spatula in food grade mineral oil. It cost a little less than $25 with shipping (I bought it on sale – $3 off). I had a choice between right handed and left handed as well. I am left handed so I chose left handed and I could tell the difference. It was nice.

My New Wooden Spatula

The spatula shipped within a day of my order. I was able to order through Paypal which I liked. I received the spatula within a few days and as you can see, it’s gorgeous!

Whetstone Woodenware

Whetstone Woodenware manufactures wood products in the Silver Lake, Indiana area. They use kiln dried hard maple treated with mineral oil. The wood is a grown and milled in the United States.

I bought a soup ladle. It also cost less than $25.

Tom thinks the ladle doesn’t hold enough soup and it’s too small. I think it’s fine but I think I may go find a more traditionally shaped soup ladle of the same size and compare. Tom’s gotten used to it and hardly complains anymore. I think it might have been the shape that bothered him more than anything.

Wooden Soup Ladle

Jonathan’s Spoons

Jonathan owns a workshop in rural Pennsylvania. He makes his spoons out of cherry wood from the best Pennsylvania cherry wood he can find. He never works around chemicals and oils his spoons in food grade mineral oil.

His spoons cost a little bit more than New Hampshire Bowl and Board and Whetstone Woodenware but I expect higher prices with smaller companies.

I saw that he made a rice paddle so I thought I would replace my rice paddles with a wooden one. The rice paddle cost me about $35 with tax and shipping and handling. When I received the rice paddle, it was huge and awkward to use for rice. I then conceded that I really did love my nylon rice paddles (that came with my rice cookers) and they had temperature ratings on them so I still use them.

Rice Paddles

The rice paddle from Jonathan’s Spoons became my general purpose spoon. It’s great for cooking and serving.

Wooden Rice Paddle

Fort Remington Wood Spoons

I wanted a thinner spatula than the one I bought from New Hampshire Bowl and Board. I found a solid wood spatula I liked from Fort Remington Wood Spoons. She has both an Etsy shop and a website. She runs her one woman workshop out of Florida.

I bought the Hamburger Shovel and it works really well. It was also reasonably priced at under $20.

Making French Scrambled Eggs #2

Carved Wooden Spoons

Carved Wooden Spoons handcrafts their spoons in a workshop in Maine.

Lastly, I wanted to replace my spoon with holes so I bought a colander spoon from Carved Wooden Spoons. It’s made of cherry wood. It was the most expensive of all the companies I tried, about $40 with tax and shipping and handling. It does come in handy, but I probably use it the least out of all my spoons. I believe he is also one of the smaller manufacturers so it took a little longer to get the spoon (by only a day or two). That was fine with me. It’s what you would expect with handmade kitchen utensils.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking

The last article I want to write about wooden utensils is how to care for them. Hopefully I will get to that soon!

Love, Ana

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