Yellow Jacket + Kung Fu

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Girl, red skirt.
Sun, very bright.

Girl reads.
Man sees.

Yellow Jacket flies by.
Girl ignores. Man abhors.

“Bzzz bzzz bzzz” says the Yellow Jacket to the girl.
“Bzzz buzz bzzz” says the Yellow Jacket to the man.

Girl sees.
Girl sees bald man, slightly pudgy.
Girl sees Yellow Jacket, slightly angry.

“Watch out!” says man to girl.
“Stay still!” says girl to man.

“No problem,” says man. “I know Kung Fu.”
Girl raises eyebrows.

“In fact,” man says, “I am a Kung Fu master!”
Yellow Jacket not impressed. Yellow Jacket lands.

“Ouch!” says man.
Girl leaves.
Man flees.

yellow jacket

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